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This page is gonna stay plain. Basically, this is an FPS controller I cooked up to quickly make trainwrecks with for GloriousTrainwrecks.com. Hopefully you'll find some use in it. If you want a more feature packed version with different tools and stuff, just say.

This An FPS player with zooming, sprinting control locking, sounds and sliding on slopes.



- Removed the need for a specified ground layer.

- Changed the way the system handles being grounded as well as how it handles gravity. (Thanks ._a for the help!)

- Patched jumping bug when movement is locked.

Also thanks to marek for the help as well!


- Removes ground check reference, as it has no use in this.


- Fixed stupid issue with sticking to the undersides of platforms like a spider.


- Removed all of the extra assets this comes with in order to save file space (sorry!)

- Camera now has support for view bobbing.

- Better camera effects on landing.

- Sliding on slopes! You can no longer jump your way to infinity on a steep cliff.

- Refined details for jumping and ground detection, which means that walking down smooth slopes no longer causes trouble while trying to jump.


- Enhanced slope detection further. The player will now stick to slopes they are allowed to walk on, preventing "bouncing" as you walk down them.

- Added in a sound system called "Audio Instance". You can use this sound system to do all sorts of things, but in this instance it adds walking, jumping and landing sounds. Only supports 2D audio, looping and 3D isn't available because they weren't necessary features.

- Sliding on slopes can be toggled.

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Published 149 days ago
AuthorProtohm Games


Unity Trainwreck Player.unitypackage (2 MB)
Unity Trainwreck Player v1_1.unitypackage (2 MB)
Unity Trainwreck Player v1_1_5.unitypackage (2 MB)
Unity Trainwreck Player v1_2.unitypackage (2 MB)
Unity Trainwreck Player V2.unitypackage (4 kB)
Unity Trainwreck Player V2_5.unitypackage (41 kB)