A downloadable OC GENERATOR for Windows and Linux

Are you having trouble coming up with COMPLETELY ORIGINAL AND COPYRIGHT FREE Characters? Are your current prized creations getting a bit stale?

We have a solution!

SUPER ULTRA OC GENERATOR NO CC NO BULLSHIT allows you to create randomized OCs at the click of a button! It's that easy!

How does it work?

Once you click a button, our ADVANCED OC GENERATION systems quickly scan through various randomization options to come up with the most OPTIMAL and EFFECTIVE OC you could imagine!

All of those times of having to sit down, conceive a character and actually make them not shit are over! Now you are granted access to the most advanced technology in the country! No more sad times, just dreams!

So what are you waiting for? Get generating!


- A snapshot system, so while the memories of your precious OCs may fade from your hole addled mind, they will never leave your computer. Unless lightning hits it, in that case consider backing your OC images up and like, calling a voodoo doctor or some shit because the lightning may bring your OCs to life. Oops.

- A BUSTIN button for deleting the OC in case it attempts to break containment... Neato!

- An exit button, in case the radiation the OC Generator lets out is beginning to affect your mind.

- A start button, so you can consider your life choices before starting.

- And a generate button! So you can make OCs! Woo!


- 4723 Possible Naming Combos! Wow!

- 246 Different Names for your character to be granted!

- 153 Special Nouns for your character to be!

- 70 Particular Adjectives that could describe your character!

- 35 Wonderful Textures your character could have! (NOT INCLUDING THE SECRET TEXTURES)

- 23 Distinct Titles your character may have!

- 16 Unique Bodies your character can get!

- 14 Strange Heads your character could be born with!

- 11 Different Naming Formats for your character! So many possibilities!

- 1 Jaden Smith Easter Egg!

Oh, and Jaden Smith? You still need to send us the payment. We swear to christ, we already added the easter egg you wanted us to add. If a payment isn't seen within 30 da- aha! Just bantering.

Seriously. Just start it up.


Programming, most of the bodies and heads, some of the textures, some of the names: Johnny

Some models and most of the textures and names provided by: Nathan, Logan and Aaron.

God speed.


OC Generator Linux.zip 34 MB
OC Generator PC.zip 31 MB