A downloadable Palette Tool

Hello there! This is Protopalette, a neat little tool for quickly deploying a five-color palette in your Unity game!

This tool is free, so the most I'll ask is that you credit me if you use it.

The instructions are provided in-engine, so I don't have much else to say.

The package comes with a few starter palettes to test out, and you can generate palettes on the fly with these presets:

  • Random
  • Grayscale
  • Pastel
  • Gradient
  • Saturation Gradient
  • Interpolation

You can:

  • Create custom five color palettes to give your game a unique style
  • Allow the system to randomly generate a palette for you (with various modes!)
  • Randomize a pre-existing palette to try out new things!

Thank you!

Install instructions

To make a palette, just right click in the project files and select "Create New Palette".

The instructions have been included. If you have any problems, PLEASE tell me! This system is still under development as long as there are bugs.


ProtoPalette.unitypackage 7 kB
ProtoPalette_v1_1.unitypackage 7 kB
ProtoPalette_v1_2.unitypackage 7 kB
Protopalette_v1_3.unitypackage 7 kB
ProtoPalette_v1_4.unitypackage 9 kB
ProtoPalette_v1_5.unitypackage 9 kB
ProtoPalette_v1_6.unitypackage 10 kB
ProtoPalette V2.unitypackage 70 kB
ProtoPalette V3.unitypackage 1 MB