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Welcome to my project file page!

DISCLAIMER: All of these projects are for GameMaker: Studio.

You will need quite a bit of skill if you intend to use these as they DO NOT come with any documents or explanations.

My only objective is to earn $100.00 so that I can take my hardworking family out to dinner one night. Who knows, I might make it someday!

Here you can get a bundle containing all of my projects from the past!

NOTICE: This bundle comes with my extension pack! It includes systems for cameras, background music, screen fading and more!

This was a ton of work, so the minimum I'm asking for all 21 projects (That took about nearly 1000 hours of time to end up getting to!) is $1.00. It shouldn't be too much, considering that I'm giving you some fairly large things like SilentRealm, Overjoyed, EMPTOM, Tom's Spooky Excursion and both Ohmega Protocol Demos. Not to mention RELAPSE.

You have my full permission to use and sell games made from these projects! Just remember to make significant enough changes so that there aren't any problems!

Please remember to credit me! I worked hard on a lot of these games.

Here's the list of projects!:

  • SilentRealm (Unfinished)
  • Disappointment.exe (Finished)
  • Disappointment 2 (Unfinished)
  • Bit Boy (Finished)
  • Bit Space (Finished)
  • Bit Dungeon (Finished)
  • Coolidge Quest (Barely Started, I think it contains a few assets)
  • ECard (Finished, can be modified for your Ecard needs!)
  • EMPTOM (Unfinished, but engine can be used to create your own conversation game!)
  • Game Of Life (Finished)
  • Grow.Me (Finished)
  • Mecha Engineer Demo (Unfinished)
  • Ohmega Protocol - Demo Edition (Unfinished)
  • Overjoyed (Unfinished)
  • RELAPSE (Finished)
  • Smoll Chat (Unfinished)
  • Tom's Spooky Excursion [LOOK FOR A PROJECT CALLED SPOOKY] (Unfinished)
  • Unceased Vasoligature (Unfinished)
  • Waltz Master (Unfinished)
  • Hungry Boy (Finished)

Well, there they are. All 21 of them. Go to town!


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this Protohm Projects you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.00 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Protohm Games' Project Files


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I bought your projects. I would like to know if I can use them in a gamejam or something similar.

Go right ahead! Just make sure to make significant enough changes to whatever project you use (You don't have to, but I would also appreciate credit).

do you accept customer support?? i might be needing help when i buy this


I'm certainly willing to help you with this, but I need you to understand that I haven't been using these projects for a little bit so I may be a bit rusty.

Keep in mind that these projects aren't for beginners and may take some experience with GM:S to use. If you lack experience I would advise learning a bit more before buying this.