A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Another disaster over, one more to go...

After last year's flop of a game, Sean and Scott organize a game jam with their friends to see if they can make a better Hematoclites than ever before. Unfortunately for them, there's a lot of shenanigans in store this time...

A new and improved Hematoclites, now with new palettes, special effects, more mini-games and even some special guests!

Controls: The only controls used are the [Arrow Keys / WASD], [Spacebar] and [Mouse].


Game Developed by Protohm Johnny

Art by Protohm Dwellerguy

Music and Palettes by Protohm Johnny, Protohm Dwellerguy, Protohm Dango and Protohm Pyro


Hematoclites 2 PC.zip 98 MB
Hematoclites 2 Linux.zip 117 MB
Hematoclites 2 Mac FIXED RELEASE.zip 116 MB