A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Legend tells of a Fat Albert game that never got released. The first of it's kind, this mysterious First Person game focused  on a more serious story where Albert killed the Cosby Kids off for no explicable reason and grew old in a house he inherited from his Grandmother. After realizing no one's been around for weeks, Albert finally tries to grab a burger to eat. 

Meat. So much meat.


Made in less than 12 hours.

Fat Albert, alongside many of the textures/sprites in this game aren't owned by us. A specific credits file was included to link all of the assets used. Any fat albert stuff came from the show.

This game is deliberately designed to irritate you, so be aware that you move as fast as a nuclear aircraft hangar and cannot jump too well whatsoever.


FANS PC.zip 42 MB
FANS Mac.zip 59 MB
FANS Linux.zip 63 MB